Restaurant: discover the flavors of an ancient land. Come and savor colors and scents of ``Cucina Cilentana``, highly genuine Mediterranean diet dishes.

Our “Top Class” dishes: pleasant caresses of the palate.

Pasta e fagioli di Controne


The most representative and healthy among all the dishes of the Mediterranean diet: popular, nutritious and cheap. Pasta and beans is the emblem of a healthy and balanced diet, ethically correct because everyone is democratic and above all good.

Spaghetti, pomodorino e basilico

In summer you are always looking for fresh, light and tasty recipes. If you rely on the great Mediterranean gastronomic tradition, it is better to taste some very tasty spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and basil. Tradition has it that for this recipe is used the famous bunch of tomatoes, also called “spungilli”.

Spaghetti alle vongole veraci


Straight from Campanian tradition, spaghetti with clams, definitely one of the most important dishes of Italian cuisine and the most popular among the first fish dishes. A simple recipe that gives great flavor to spaghetti or, for some, vermicelli.

Linguine ai ricci di mare.


The Mediterranean coast of Cilento, thanks to the presence of posidonia oceanica, is the ideal habitat of sea urchins, you can eat only those of the species “paracentrotus lividus”, reddish, purple or brownish, mistakenly known as “femmine”.

Melanzane "mbuttunate"


The tasty stuffed aubergines, eggplant mbuttunate cilentana with cacioricotta bread and tomato sauce to dive into it.

Mozzarella di Bufala Dop


Mozzarella di Bufala Campana is a fresh cheese with spun dough, which owes most of its unique characteristics to the fresh buffalo milk produced in the traditional area of origin.

The Pizzeria: the real Neapolitan pizza cooked in a wood oven. Raised for 24 hours, round, of soft dough, thin in the center and with thick edges, the so-called ``cornices``.

La Margherita


Pizza Margherita is the typical Neapolitan pizza, topped with tomato, mozzarella (mozzarella, in traditional Margherita pizza, it is not buffalo, but fior di latte) fresh basil, salt and oil; and it is the most popular Italian pizza.

La Capricciosa


Its name derives surely from the appearance with which it presents itself, “capricciosa” for its look and for the combination of the ingredients, the cooked ham, the artichokes in oil, the sautéed mushrooms and the black olives.

La Siciliana


Typical of the city of Palermo, with anchovy fillets / anchovies, black olives, capers of Pantelleria and a generous layer of mozzarella. To give originality to this delicious pizza, a sprinkling of Sicilian caciocavallo.

Il Calzone ripieno.


Neapolitan calzone, better known as “calzone ripieno al forno”, is a South Italian specialty based on leavened pizza dough, stuffed with ricotta and salami, or cooked ham, with the addition of the fior di latte.

Il Panuozzo di Gragnano

The panuozzo, as partly evokes its name, has the shape of a large sandwich, made with bread baked in a wood oven but prepared with the same mixture of pizza. The inside of the panuozzo is stuffed with mozzarella, other dairy products, tomatoes, various vegetables, cold cuts.

La Pizza Fritta


The fried pizza is a typical Neapolitan street food. Our version is the basic one, with simple ingredients: the inevitable rustic tomato sauce, possibly of San Marzano tomatoes, anchovies from the gulf of Naples in oil and the fragrant basil.

The Bar: coffee, cappuccino, croissants, cocktails and lots of fun. The daily meeting point for relaxing moments by the pool.

Il Caffè


Coffee has become one of the symbols of Made in Italy and, without fear of denial, one of the favorite pleasures of Italians, always looking for the perfect coffee. Behind the secret of the intense scent and velvety taste of Italian coffee is the wisdom of our roasters, who represent the excellence of craftsmanship in coffee processing. In fact, to the Italian roasting method, so-called “intense”, we not only owe the aroma and taste that we love so much, but also a particularly beneficial effect on our organism, due to particular times and temperatures that have distinguished our coffee throughout the world.

Il Cappuccino


The taste of cappuccino depends largely on the taste of coffee that is used to prepare it. Making a proper espresso, using a quality coffee, certainly represents a good starting point and increases the chances that the cappuccino will be good. The milk, the second element that makes up the cappuccino, must be strictly fresh. Although some customers may explicitly request the use of skimmed milk or soy, the whole one is ideal because it is more flavorful and rich in taste, and contains more proteins that help make the beverage more creamy.

I cornetti


It represents a real cult, an indispensable tradition that in a few moments amplifies the senses and satisfies the soul. We are talking about the undisputed king of breakfasts, the croissant. The Neapolitan and Cilento tradition subdivides the sweet goodness into two categories: the croissant brioche and the puff pastry croissant, similar to the puff pastry. The classic filling is of custard (with or without sour cherries), apricot jam or chocolate. In more recent times, especially among young people, the desire to fill it with the most popular snacks goes crazy. The croissant punctuates the day, besides enjoying it at breakfast, it is tradition “the midnight croissant” eaten at night.

I succhi e spremute.


They are not just a fashion but a bomb of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants; real health concentrates. They are good and are an excellent way to consume large quantities of fruit and vegetables, whose nutrients will be assimilated quickly by the body. Whether you consider them a detox breakfast or a detox drinker, you drink them for a shot of energy in the middle of the day or you use them as spezzafame, you can not deny that this is the magic moment for juices, juices and “green” smoothies .

Non-alcoholic Cocktails


Non-alcoholic cocktails are nothing but a proportionate and balanced blend of different non-alcoholic ingredients and flavorings. They can be of four types: pre-dinner, after-dinner, long drinks and any time. The first ones are served as aperitifs to stimulate appetite. After dinner are served after dinner to replace or accompany a dessert. The long drinks are refreshing and characterized by the presence of fruit juices and carbonated drinks, juices and centrifuges. Any time can be served at any time.

Alcoholic Cocktails


The most famous cocktails are required at aperitif time or immediately after dinner, when you are ready to kick off an evening of chatter and wild dances: from the Martini to the American, without forgetting the classic Spritz and the Manhattan. Most of the best cocktails are alcohol based, and many spirits are the starting point for delicious blends to sip with friends. Gin, Vodka, Rum, Brandy and Whiskey are the main ingredients of cocktails, but whatever your favorite spirits, it can be used to prepare a delicious cocktail. Each cocktail also needs essential ingredients such as brown sugar, mint leaves, juice, slices or lemon peel (or lime, or orange), green olives, cherries and of course straws.

Our Team: the chef, the pizza chef, the barman and all the staff at your disposal. Professionalism, experience, art and culture are our watchwords in everything we do.