Art. 1 – Entry into the Village involves the acceptance of the rates, the viewing and acceptance of this regulation. The regulation can be supplemented separately by additional rules that the Management deems appropriate to issue for the best functioning of the village. The staff of the Village is authorized to enforce it. The Management uses the right to remove from the Village those who do not respect the regulation.

Art. 2 – The Lords Guests on arrival are required to deliver their identity documents for registration, as required by the law (including children from the first year of life), complete the practices related to the destination of the pitch or the housing unit and regularize the administrative position. Cash only.

Art. 3 – At the moment of check-in the staff will deliver to each incoming guest the bracelet to be used as a pass of recognition within the structure. In the same way, the mark of the Village to be displayed on the windshield of the cars will be delivered. Cars without this mark will not be allowed to enter the village.

Art. 4 – Visits to resident guests are not allowed. The management can make exceptions, excluded during the high season. If admitted they will have to deliver an identity document that will withdraw at the exit from the village and pay the daily fee in advance, with a consequent right to a stop until 21:00 regardless of the time of entry. The people surprised inside the structure, not authorized by the management, will be reported for violation of domicile, in accordance with art. 618 C.P ..

Art. 5 – The opening hours of the management are from 08.30 to 13.00 and from 17.00 to 20.00.

Art. 6 – In the time of Silence, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm and from 12:30 am to 7:00 am noise and all activities that otherwise disturb guests’ rest are forbidden.

Art. 7 – The Management reserves the right, at its sole discretion, not to accept unwanted or surplus campers.

Art. 8 – Guests must take care of the objects they own; the management is not responsible for theft or damage of any entity that may occur within the village, so any personal effect, values ​​of any kind, are understood as not existing to any effect of compensation.

Art. 9 – The internal parking is uncovered and unattended, however it is guaranteed until all available seats are available. Only one vehicle is allowed for each residential unit / pitch. Each extra car must be placed outside the village. The management is not responsible for any damage or theft caused to cars in the parking lot. The circulation of vehicles in the pedestrian zones of the village is only allowed for arrival and departure for unloading and baggage loading. The speed of vehicles inside the village must not exceed 10 km per hour. The movement of scooters and bicycles is strictly prohibited (with the exception of the means supplied to the service personnel).

Art. 10 – In case of suspension of electricity supply due to Enel or water due to Consac or other causes of force majeure, the Management declines all responsibility and is not required to make any refund.

Art. 11 – The main entrance gate is closed from 00:00 to 07:00. Those who will return at this time will have access to the Village from the rear entrance gate that gives access directly to the parking lot. In these hours the guardian will regulate the flow in and out of the village.

Art. 12 – Animals are not allowed in the village. Only with the approval of the management, small dogs can be admitted, which must not disturb other guests of the Village, must be strictly kept on a leash and muzzled, accompanied outside the campsite for their needs or must be used special tools (take-off and bag). Dog owners must show the health certificate. It is absolutely forbidden to bring dogs in the common areas of the village. Any damage caused to third parties by animals is the sole responsibility of the owner. Failure to comply with the provisions will result in immediate removal from the Village.

Art. 13 – Separate collection is carried out in the village. Guests are required to respect the provisions issued by the City of Camerota, acknowledged by the management and disseminated throughout the Village through a specific information brochure. The provisions on separate collection form an integral part of this regulation.

Art. 14 – It is strictly forbidden to damage the plants and equipment of the Village, as well as digging dimples near the tents, pouring liquids, salty or waste on the ground or lighting fires. With the approval of the Management, the use of the charcoal grill is allowed, taking care not to disturb the neighbors and not to damage the surrounding vegetation. Any damages will be charged to whoever causes them.

Art. 15 – The Direction responds to the electrical system only up to the junction box. The electrical connections are made exclusively by our technicians, in tents or caravans suitably equipped (CEI standard). The use of electric ovens, plates, washing machines, hair dryers or other household appliances at the pitch is prohibited, except for the refrigerator only.

Art. 16 – Calls are not passed, only urgent messages are delivered.

Art. 17 – Accommodation is available from 16:00 on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10:00 on the day of departure. The place in Village and camping in any case is assigned by the Management. In conditions of low turnout, the management can decide changes in the dislocation of their guests up to the date of arrival, in compliance with the type of accommodation booked.

Art.18 – The day of departure of the guests in the Residence formula, before the bungalow / room / caravan is permanently left by the occupants, the Village Management will proceed to a quick check of the housing unit in order to verify its general condition. Only after this check, the guest can return the keys and obtain the deposit paid on arrival.

Art. 20 – Commuters are not allowed (on the campsite) during the two central weeks of August.

Art. 21 – Drinking water supply fountains, located in the village, are for the exclusive use of guests with absolutely no washing of any object (bikes, motorbikes, cars, etc.). The linen and crockery must be washed in the appropriate sinks not during silent hours. At the fountains of the village, potable or not, only water withdrawal is permitted. Cars are not allowed to be washed.

Art. 22 – It is forbidden: the game of football, bocce or volleyball outside the appropriate areas. Access to and use of the swimming pool in the village are regulated by a special regulation that is an integral part of these regulations and will be delivered together with the present to the subject of check-in in the Village.

The clientele is obliged to adhere scrupulously to the schedules and regulations for the use of sports and play equipment.

The management of the village declines all responsibility for damage caused to people and / or things derived from the use of equipment made available to guests (for example: children’s playgrounds, volleyball / soccer field, etc.) provided that said use takes place at the risk of the Guest and furthermore it is specified that for minors the use of all equipment is allowed only under the strict supervision of the owners of the parental authority.

Art. 23 – Minors are allowed only if accompanied by parents or relatives. Children must always be accompanied. The management declines all responsibility. The parents (or those who legally exercise the power) are jointly responsible for the acts performed by their minor children within the Camping Village and are required to monitor them and to ensure that they maintain a polite and respectful behavior towards others, under their direct responsibility. In particular, as regards the obligation to respect silence, the correct use of the bathrooms, which can not be considered a game or meeting place, and the equipment made available by the structure to its guests.

Art. 24 – The Court of Vallo della Lucania (SA) is competent for any dispute.

Art. 25 – The Direction declines also for damages deriving to things and people as a consequence of fortuitous event, force majeure (only as a non-limiting example: hail, wind, rain, tornadoes, falling trees or branches, events negligence and / or fraudulent third parties etc.) or for any fact not attributable to the management and staff of the village.

Art. 26 – If you are forced to cancel up to 60 days before the expected date of arrival, our company will return the full amount of the deposit paid by retaining only € 50.00 (fifty euros) by way of reimbursement of expenses . For cancellations made between 60 and 30 days before the date of arrival, the full amount of the advance payment will be forfeited. For subsequent cancellations and in case of no show of the customer (failure to arrive at the scheduled date), our company will not only retain 100% of the deposit, will require the balance of the total amount due for the type of accommodation booked. If we are forced to cancel the reservation, we will notify the affected customers immediately and propose an alternative accommodation with similar characteristics. In the event that it is not possible to find a customer satisfaction arrangement, the company will proceed with the return of the entire amount of the deposit paid. The village The Nymphs of the Sea will not respond to cancellations occurred due to force majeure, as in the case of natural disasters, fires or wars. These events must be covered by travel insurance.